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9-26-2018 Meeting Summary

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

ITLV Meeting Summary

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mountain Mike’s Pizza

List of Attendees

Michelle Bejarano, Robert Bejarano, Linda Cancio, Bill Crain, Glenda Crain¸ Michael Dack, Jim Garcia, Sue Garcia, Laura Little, and Fayzah Mughal, Linae Peters.

Meeting started at 6:07 p.m.

Sue Garcia facilitated the meeting for the evening. She reported that Lorianne would not be at the meeting and that Becky Gunvordahl had also indicated that she would not be able to attend.

To reacquaint everyone, Sue asked everyone to introduce themselves.

Laura Little brought a guest, Siri Pulipati who is running for a position with Rancho Cordova Recreation and Parks District. Siri shared that she is an electrical engineer and is employed by Intel. She gave a brief overview of her interest in having kids and adults being engaged more in outside activities and why she is running for a position in the Parks District. She responded to several questions regarding funding sources for district projects.

Sue provided a summary of Lorianne’s update of the City’s Residential Beautification Pilot Program. The program received an overwhelming number of applications and that the funds have been exhausted. Applications are being kept on file for potential future programs and residents will be notified if additional funds become available.

Laura gave an update on this year’s Trunk or Treat being held Friday, October 26 at A.M. Winn. To date she has 13 confirmed cars and 3 “maybe’s” for the event. She will be posting another call for entries on Facebook and Nextdoor. Fayzah reported that she has not heard back from CRPD and will make a follow-up call. Laura said that they may have two cars at the event.

Laura also shared an email from a group of Young Democrats who would like to set up a voter registration table at Trunk or Treat. They are also willing to provide funding for games, etc. After some discussion, the ITLV group consensus was that Trunk or Treat is primarily for children and that another ITLV venue may be more appropriate for the voter registration table.

Michelle Bejarano asked if the “Liability Release Waiver” could be printed on the back of flyers that are being sent home from students at A.M. Winn and Abraham Lincoln. Jim said good question and that he would follow-up with Lorianne to see if that is appropriate.

Michelle and Robert volunteered to assist with Trunk or Treat and will be serving as parking lot coordinators and guiding people to the parking spaces.

Sue asked if it was still necessary to distribute “door-to-door” flyers during the October 20th neighborhood walk since students at both A.M. Winn and Abraham Lincoln will be getting flyers to take home. After a brief discussion, everyone agreed that we should distribute the flyers anyway. There may be other students who do not attend these two schools who may want to participate in our Trunk or Treat event.

Sue said that a route map will be shared at the next meeting. The walk will start at A.M. Winn, go to Vanguard and loop around to Bexley for about 2.5 miles. It will start at 9 a.m. It will be promoted on Facebook and Nextdoor.

Sue asked about the status of “Future Guests” for our meetings. Bill Crain reported that he has made a request of Ami Bera’s office and has not received a response. He will follow-up and report at the next meeting. Laura said that she will reach out to Ken Cooley. Sue recommended that we send potential questions to Lorianne when we have a commitment that we have someone joining us for a meeting.

Sue reported that Melody Horrell had dropped by a little earlier and gave a report on the “Thank You” cards that had been prepared at the Saturday night candlelight vigil of Officer Stasyuk. Melody collected 40 at the event and another 121 at A.M. Winn. She delivered them to a group that puts packages together in Elk Grove. Laura reported that fundraising events are still going on and that Pep Boys painted part of the wall blue and is entertaining something a little more permanent. A temporary memorial is currently at the site.

Michael asked the group to consider taking a lead on heading up and reporting at the bi-monthly meetings. He said that Lorianne has been preparing the agenda, sending out meeting notices, providing minutes, etc. He recommended that we consider having “co-chairs” for the meetings. After some discussion he said that maybe the “co-chairs” could do it for one year. Sue reminded everyone that Lorianne had suggested having a training session on how to conduct successful meetings but that no one seemed to be interested. Laura volunteered to lead the meeting on October 10 and Linda said she would take care of the Minutes.

Laura suggested that we prepare and distribute a flyer at the beginning of the year to notify the community of our future events and meeting dates. She recalls the earlier years of this group when we would have lots of people attending the meetings.

Sue also reminded everyone that Lorianne said that anyone that brings a guest to a meeting would get a prize; so “Bring a guest to the next meeting” and check with Lorianne for your prize!

Sue shared the “call for volunteers” for the Barrel District event on October 6.

Fayzah said that she and Michael Dack will be at City Hall on October 16 at 10 a.m. to discuss the sign project. After they see what the plans are, City staff will be presenting the ideas to the ITLV group at the October 24th meeting.

Michelle Bejarano added that she will post ideas on how to decorate vehicles on the ITLV Facebook page this evening.

Sue thanked everyone for attending and participating in the meeting.

Submitted by,

Jim Garcia

Meeting Recorder

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