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Meeting Chair: Michael Dack

Minutes: Fayzah Mughal

Present: Lorianne Ulm, Laura Little, Michael Dack, Jim Garcia, Sue Garcia, Linae Peters, Fayzah Mughal , Isa Abdur-Rahim, Michael De Grace, Antoinetta “Toni” Johnson

Time of call to order: 6:08pm


During introductions, members were asked to share what they’d like to know about Rancho Cordova.

Michael Dack: the City’s history.

Jim: confirmation that Aerojet will remain in the area.

Fayzah: the ethnic/racial makeup of each of Rancho Cordova’s neighborhoods

Isa: the kind of stores that will be coming to the City.

Michael DeGrace: the origin of both the City’s and Lincoln Village’s names

Linae: best practices for encouraging a more diverse turnout at the Neighborhood Watch meetings at the police station.

Toni: why Lincoln Village Park’s pool isn’t open to residents in the summer evenings, and wants to know more about A.M. Winn’s status and enrollment process as a school of choice.

Neighborhood Walk

Members agreed to revisit the issue of hosting more frequent walks for 2019 once the weather is nicer. Fayzah asked the group to consider hosting a walk along the Mather Heritage Trail, and Lorianne suggested the Countryside neighborhood be invited to join us.

Trunk or Treat Debrief

Laura said she received just one formal complaint about the event.

Sue suspected some guests hadn’t filled out waivers, yet managed to enter the event.

Fayzah suggested the group provide meals for participants (i.e. volunteers) and ITLV hosts working the event. She asked that wristbands be given to guests immediately upon receipt of their signed liability waivers, so as not to hold up the entry line. She proposed moving the event from A.M. Winn to Abe Lincoln in order to partner with the latter site since it is the assigned neighborhood school and many local families attend, but a majority preferred the centrally located campus of Winn. Fayzah expressed that she’d like more reciprocity from the host site in light of ITLV’s small group size and to support the event’s sustainability in the long term.

Laura shared that a church group on Bradshaw Rd expressed interest in partnering with the group, and Lorianne suggested Laura invite the Pastor to a future ITLV walk to discuss the matter.

Tree Planting

Lorianne informed the group that 150 trees were delivered to residents in Lincoln Village, and 97 were planted for them. A total of 110 volunteers participated, including City Staff members.

Linae wished to thank the City of Rancho Cordova for taking part in the NeighborWoods Initiative, which provided her with two new fruit trees.

Christmas Parade

1. Planning

Jim shared a map of the planned Parade route and will post it to Nextdoor, Facebook, and the ITLV website. Toni volunteered to help serve refreshments at the indoor Photo with Santa event. Jim stated that it would be ideal for the refreshment servers to double as Decorators for the indoor space. Linae agreed to help decorate. Jim asked for a spare Christmas tree, and Laura offered to contribute a small silver “wobbly” tree.

The micro-grant application will be presented at the Dec.5th meeting for members to add their signatures to.

Lorianne advised that first-time participants like Toni should be assigned to outdoor roles so they don’t miss out on seeing the Parade. She offered to recruit additional volunteers for indoor duties if needed. She stated that one person will suffice for waiver collection from the Republic Services guests.

Lorianne and Laura agreed to work in tandem as Parking Lot Staging Coordinators.

In order to avoid children pelting candy at others, as occurred last year, consensus was that candy should not be distributed during the Parade. Sue suggested saving any candy for the Photo with Santa event, and Jim said he would relay this to event participants.

Lorianne recommended that the waiting Photo with Santa early-birds receive no more than a single serving so that there will be enough refreshment for guests arriving on schedule right after the parade.

2. Flyer Distribution

Lorianne shared a map of Lincoln Village divided into ‘zones’ for members to select for flyering. She provided Parade flyers and agreed to supply additional event flyers at the December 5th meeting. She explained that it is illegal to touch others’ mailboxes, and recommended leaving the flyers on doors/doorsteps. The Parade will take place on December 12th, and flyers are to be distributed no later than Sunday, December 9th.

3. Home Decorating Contest

Jim elaborated on the winner selection process, and Laura volunteered to help with this task.

Core Member Contact List

Linae presented the information in spreadsheet format, and Lorianne agreed to distribute copies to the core members.

Lincoln Village Sign Project

No updates.

ITLV Brochures

Lorianne provided a stack of brochures for the group to distribute whenever applicable.

State Farm

Michael Dack suggested meeting with State Farm (located on Business Park Dr) to discern what support that community asset can provide to the ITLV group.

Future Guests

Lorianne recommended limiting prospective guests to those already in consideration for the first quarter of the year: Linda Budge, Ami Bera, and Laura Taylor (CRPD Planning).

Changing ITLV’s Meeting Day

The decision will be deferred to the January 9th meeting, where it will be put to a vote.

December Meeting: Chair and Note Taker

Lorianne agreed to perform as Chair, and Linae consented to taking the notes at the next meeting.

Turkey Drive

Laura informed the group that the Cordova Community Locker (10497 Coloma Road, St.John Vianney Church) is holding a turkey/food drive that will benefit Rancho Cordovans in need. Thanksgiving distribution takes place on November 19th. More information can be found at:

Pancakes with Santa

Jim shared that he is selling tickets to the Pancake with Santa event at Cordova Church of Christ. His band will perform live at the event, which takes place December 1st, from 8am. -11 am: $8 at the door, $5 in advance. Tickets are also available at the Grocery Outlet on Zinfandel. More information about the band’s upcoming performances can be found here:

Neighborhood Beautification Program

Lorianne was asked about the outcome of this program, and stated that it appeared successful but future funding was not guaranteed. She will need to show that the program had a positive, identifiable impact and will showcase successful outcomes during the proposal process in order to obtain continued support from the city. Results will be revealed sometime in 2019 after the Community Enhancement Fund applications have been processed and either approved, pared down, or rejected.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:52pm

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