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Meeting Chair: Michael Dack

Minutes: Fayzah Mughal

Present: Lorianne Ulm, Laura Little, Michael Dack, Jim Garcia, Sue Garcia, Linda Cancio, Sherri Rush, Linae Peters, Fayzah Mughal, Melissa Dowd. Newcomers: Dana Jenks, Kathy Hopkins, Antoinetta Johnson, Arquelle Mamie Early.

Guests: Assembly Member Ken Cooley and his Field Representative Mohammed Umbashi

Time of call to order: 6:10pm


Attendees shared their names, streets they live one, duration of residence in Rancho Cordova, and what they like about living here.

One attendee (Sue’s neighbor) stated she would like help slowing traffic on her street, Astral Dr, and Lorianne offered to guide her through the necessary next steps with the corresponding city department, once the meeting was adjourned.

Lorianne described, for the benefit of the newcomers, her role as Community Engagement Manager for the City, and the various neighborhood groups she mentors.

Ken Cooley

Assembly Member Cooley spoke about the following:

· His history and deep familiarity with Lincoln Village, especially from door-knocking.

· Organizing a pancake breakfast along Viking Dr to bring the community together after a shooting on Utica Ct in 2008.

· Raising his two sons in Rancho Cordova.

· His role in the updates made to the sound walls along US-50.

· The various areas that belong to the District he serves.

· In response to earlier traffic complaints in the meeting, he explained that streets bordering Rancho Cordova’s city limits may lie in County territory and would need the County’s cooperation to resolve any issue. In the case of Old Placerville Rd, he stated the southern portion, up to the center median, likely belongs to the County.

· Expressed pride that Rancho Cordova residents were overwhelmingly in favor of cityhood the first time it was put to a vote, while other areas had to propose cityhood more than once before attaining a majority vote.

· Emphasized that “public officials should go out and meet people on their own doorstep.”

· Elaborated on Sac County PD’s role here in Rancho Cordova: the benefits to having the same agency policing neighboring communities, and sharing some of the incurred costs with the County.

· Lorianne stated that Member Cooley initiated the Walk with the Mayor program in Rancho Cordova, and recalls that his face-to-face outreach with residents was very effective in generating participation at the first such event, more so than the printed media that was employed.

· Described wearing a ‘silly’ boater hat and carrying a bullhorn to draw attention during Walk with the Mayor so that motorists would slow, thereby increasing the safety of the walk participants.

· Asked gathered members to pass his lapel pin around, and to Google “Lincoln Memorial photo” and pay special attention to the arms of Lincoln’s chair (identical to the pin) to “see a tremendous symbol of American life”: a bundle of sticks tied together. He stated that the symbol stood for individuals joining together to become something stronger, much like ITLV.

· During the talk, Michael Dack asked about what issues Member Cooley’s office could help us with, and his Field Representative, Mr. Umbashi, replied that most of these are listed on the pamphlet that was handed out prior to the meeting (see attached doc).

Neighborhood Walk

Sue expressed appreciation that the neighborhood walk involved 16 people, an increase in participants. She explained that Albert Stricker, the Public Works Director with the City, was also one of the participants.

Antoinetta asked why the walks weren’t more frequent, and Sue responded that as the volunteer walk organizer, she plans the walks around her availability. Lorianne stated that other members were welcome to organize more frequent ITLV walks if they wanted them, as the role is not an assigned one.

Trunk or Treat

Laura stated that she had posted a final call for Trunk or Treat volunteers on the Nextdoor app and the ITLV facebook page, and that she had a total of 22 cars signed up to participate. She has contacted A.M. Winn’s principal, who has agreed to try to ensure the parking lot is cleared of cars by 5pm on the day of the event.

For the benefit of the newcomers, Laura described the event’s main concept and general tasks involved. She stated that, to promote the event, flyers were being sent home with students at Abraham Lincoln and A.M. Winn, and that the candy would be funded through a micro grant from the City of Rancho Cordova, which Lorianne Ulm receives and processes. Laura also explained that offering prizes to the best-decorated cars was an incentive for participation. She elaborated on specific roles group members play during the event.

Lorianne recommended that each member bring personal lighting to the event due to a lack of adequate lighting. She further advised that the designated Parking Attendant be willing to intercept parents trying to access A.M. Winn’s parking lot for afterschool pick-up, and to re-direct those cars to the available street parking.

Michael inquired if there would be access to the Multi-Purpose Room and the bathroom at the school site during the event. Lorianne responded that the Multi-Purpose Room would not be open, but the bathrooms would be available.

Mamie inquired about the desired amount of candy that participants should hand out to the guests, and Lorianne replied that it should be distributed in small amounts. Further, she explained that the guests will likely make more than one round and the small amount of candy distributed will quickly add up.

Lorianne advised that the role of ‘Candy Runner’ be filled so that participants running low on candy can easily obtain refills. She recommended that a cart or wagon be used to ease the work. Antoinetta agreed to take on the position. Laura relayed that absent member, Kim, is not in possession of a cart, as formerly believed, and one is still needed for the event. Jim and Sue Garcia offered to bring a cart to the event.

State of the City

Lorianne explained that the State of the City event will take place at City Hall on November 1st, 5:30 pm.

Michael added that the event would be held in conjunction with an art show, with some pieces available for purchase at the event.

Lincoln Village Tree Planting

Michael asked how one signs up for the scheduled Tree Planting in Lincoln Village. Lorianne responded that it was posted on the Nextdoor app, and that one can contact her for more information. Laura agreed to post the event on the group’s Faceboook page.

Lorianne stated that 150 volunteers will be needed, and so far 30 have signed up for the task. She said the event will be held on November 3rd. There are two time slots available: morning (8:30am-11:30am) and afternoon (12:30-3:30pm). A free lunch will be provided to volunteers, at A.M. Winn.

November Meetings

Lorianne shared that in lieu of one of ITLV’s regular meetings, she would schedule a special gathering that will include members from her various groups, sometime in early November, date TBD. The next regular ITLV meeting will take place on November 14th.

Christmas Parade

Jim Garcia said he will be the parade’s Event Coordinator.

The group majority agreed to bump up ITLV’s scheduled meeting for that month to December 5th.

Lorianne asked to have a copy of the parade route forwarded to her, and Jim agreed to do that.

Laura offered to invite the Fire Department to participate in this year’s parade.

Lorianne expressed that distributing flyers door-to-door is the best way to advertize the parade. She recommended that ITLV parse the neighborhood into smaller zones and flyer each zone with a small group.

Michael recommended that the maps showing these zones be finalized at the November 14th meeting. Lorianne agreed to bring the required maps.

Arquelle expressed a wish to participate in the Christmas Parade. Lorianne elaborated on the possible roles: spectator, pedestrian marching in the parade train, enter a vehicle to drive in the parade, or ride on a float. Linnae added that there would be post-parade activities taking place at A.M. Winn, such as hot cocoa and pictures with Santa. Arquelle expressed interest in helping out at A.M. Winn after the parade.

Lorianne recommended including information about the Christmas Home Decorating Contest on the back of the event flyers, including participant sign-up.

Jim explained that the top-three winners would be selected via a small committee.

ITLV Website

Jim expressed thanks and asked that recognition be given to Stacey McCall for creating ITLV’s original webpage, and for aiding in the transfer of the domain name. The renovated website can be found at Meeting dates and notes, upcoming events and other relevant links can be found on the website.

Lorianne asked if Jim was able to post the Story Map to the website. He said the link was not working and agreed to try again once Lorianne re-sends him the information.

Core Group Contact List

The group revisited the issue of sharing a master contact list of core members to facilitate communication and coordination. It was agreed that, to respect personal time and privacy, names and e-mails would be the only shared information. Laura agreed to create a spreadsheet containing the contact information of the core members and share it within that group.

Lincoln Village Sign Project

Michael briefly described the meeting he had with City employees Steve Harriman, Stacey Delaney, Lorianne Ulm, and resident Fayzah Mughal, regarding creating an entry sign to the neighborhood. He said the designated location for the sign would be in the landscaping planter on Routier Rd at Vanguard Dr, south of the stoplight.

Lorianne explained that the next steps will be for Michael and Fayzah to meet with a design company, who will give parameters and make recommendations before a final design is selected.

Michael added that he found out that CRPD has long-term plans for a monument-type sign at Lincoln Village Park, near the planned community sign location, and he will try to coordinate with their design.

ITLV Meetings

In light of recent resolve for ITLV to be more self-sustaining, Lorianne recommended that the roles of meeting Chair and Note Taker be rotated on a monthly basis in order to share the load. Each role would be held by the same individuals for two consecutive meetings, or monthly.

Laura said that she has received notice from several absent members that Wednesday meetings pose scheduling conflicts and are a barrier to participation. The group agreed to take up a vote at the next meeting to decide if the meeting days should be changed.

Upcoming Guest Speakers

Fayzah said that CRPD’s Planner, Laura Taylor, is unavailable to speak at the November 14th meeting and will need to be invited to a meeting in the next quarter.


Pre-ordered ITLV t-shirts were distributed to members at the end of the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:40 pm

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