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Meeting Summary provided by Matt Buland.

We had another small but fun and productive meeting on February 27th with Michael Dack, Jim and Sue Garcia, Dana Jenks and Matt Buland in attendance.  We had planned to discuss our hopes and visions for the neighborhood and ITLV, determine our goals, and brainstorm how to reach them but in the end we decided to hold that discussion with more particants.  Thank you to those that have passed on your thoughts through email.  I hope you will be able to join us next time.

In place of the Goals discussion, we talked about the many upcoming events.  Spring is busy so get these on your calendar.

March 2nd will be Coffee with a Cop at McDonald’s at White Rock Road from 8 a.m. -10:30 a.m.

March 4th will be the City Council Meeting.

March 8th is the Cordova Community Council annual Community Volunteer Awards Ceremony at 6 p.m.  Tickets are $25 but if you let Lorianne know today she may still be able to get a ticket for you.  This year will have a Star Wars theme, “May the Volunteer Force be with you!” I have heard it is a truly inspirational night.  Hope to see you there as I’ll be there with my son.

March 10th is the Walnutwood/Aspen Creek Tree Planting followed by a celebration of Calfornia Arbor Week with a tree fair that will be fun for all ages especially the youngsters.  This is a great way to meet another neighborhood group like yours and pass on your experiences working in your own neighborhood.

March 13th – Please remember that ITLV will be taking this night off but we welcome you to join us for this year’s St. Baldricks event which raises money for childhood cancer.  It’s an incredible cause and a fun way to spend your evening.  It will be held at Ol Republic and there will be a food truck and activities as well as folks getting their head shaved.  In other words, free haircuts!

March 14th will be the RCPD Meet & Greet which will be held at Williamson Elementary.  This is another opportunity to learn about what is going on in the Rancho Cordova Community from a PD prospective and to get yoru questions answered.

March 15th will be the Rancho Cordova Luncheon where you will be able to learn about what’s coming up in town.

March 18th City Council Meeting.

March 27th ITLV Meeting (There will be a presentation of Lincoln Village signage.  Please join us so you can see the proposed designs and provide your input.)

April 5th is an event at George Washington Carver called Carver in the Village where you can learn about GW Carver the person as well as the school.  It sound like a blast.

April 6th or 7th – Resuming the Neighborhood Walks.  Sue offered to coordinate a walk and plans to invite the Mayor.  Please email to let us know how those dates sound as well as whether you prefer morning on Saturday or morning or afternoon on Sunday.

April 20th – Neighborhood Meet and Greet is proposed by Sue Garcia as a easy way to connect with the community.  Simple event with a few snacks and coffee.  Plans to do this in another part of the event in the future.  Again, please let us know how this date works for you and what time you would like to do it.

Additional Ideas:

There were several comments about Communication gaps.  For residents who don’t have children at AM Winn or GWC it’s tough to get the news.  Could schools use NextDoor and could the City help promote these events through newsletters as well as on the city calendar?

On the topic of growing our group as well as greater communication, Dana Jenks (a Physics Teacher at George Washington Carver) suggested that we reach out the high schools that serve the area and invite them to become Youth Ambassadors (possibly an elected position) and join us for our meetings.  The focus would be on students who live in Lincoln Village who would provide a new prospective for ITLV as well as foster great communication between the schools and community.

I also received some great ideas that will likely fit well with our future Goals Discussion. 

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