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Christmas Parade


Cocoa and Cookies with Santa

General Information

This is the fourth year that Lincoln Village volunteers have organized a Christmas parade. Whether it rains or not, our volunteers and parade participants are eager to entertain our community for an evening.


This year the Rancho Cordova Police Department is joining our parade as a very active partner. You've seen them in our previous parades but you will see even more of their unique displays and floats entertaining us as they drive through our neighborhoods. Several businesses that serve the Rancho Cordova area and our local families will continue to participate. Some have made this parade a tradition.

Participant Information

If you want to do more than enjoy viewing the parade from your front yard or other vantage point, get in touch with us by Saturday, December 8 and get ready to decorate a vehicle. Some of Lincoln Village residents like to walk in the parade.  If you want to walk in the parade, show up by 6:15 p.m., get your "safety instructions" and join the parade!

Parade "Setup Time" for vehicles begins at 5:00 p.m. Just drive into the A.M. Winn Elementary School parking lot located at 3351 Explorer Drive and you will be directed to the staging area where you can finish decorating your vehicle and get ready for a great parade.

Safety Information

Participants who enter and drive vehicles should keep in mind that passenger, walker, and spectator safety is imperative. The vehicle must be decorated in a safe manner, free of ropes, wires, etc. dangling from its sides that may get tangled while driving. People on a float should exercise extreme care at all times, especially while the vehicle is moving. All drivers must drive slowly and ensure that they watch for people (walkers/spectators/animals) getting too close to the vehicle or running across the road. 

Due to safety and litter concerns, no candy or other objects may be distributed by walkers or thrown out of vehicles this year.

Volunteer Information

If you're a volunteer please show up ready to help make the parade another great event for our community and have fun as you're working. Most volunteer positions need to be in place between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Participants will need to be greeted at the parking lot entrance, guided to their parking spot in the staging area, and respond to any questions they may have. 

The Cocoa and Cookies with Santa team will need to set up and decorate the multipurpose room and safely store the cocoa and cookies until it's time to start serving.

How to Volunteer

We need community volunteers to help with the parade and Cocoa and Cookies with Santa activities. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Inside for setting up and decorating the school's multipurpose room and serving the cocoa and cookies.

  • Parking lot staging area support will be needed to guide parade participants to parking spots.

  • A few volunteers will be needed to guide people who would like to enjoy a ride on one of the participating trucks and to ensure that each family completes a Waiver of Liability Release Form before boarding the vehicle.

  • A few volunteers to assist people who want to "walk" in the parade and ensure that they get safety instructions prior to the start of the parade. 

Use the "Volunteer Contact Form" on this site to sign up as a volunteer. You will be contacted to confirm your area of interest.In the meantime if you would like to sign up via email, contact the 2018 Parade Coordinator at

Cocoa and Cookies with Santa

Free cocoa and cookies are available after the parade. Everyone is encouraged to bring their children and use their cameras to take photos with Santa.

Parade Route Map

Some people may wonder why the parade route was changed this year. Well, it gets changed every year.


Each year we try to drive through different streets within Lincoln Village while reaching areas on both sides of Lincoln Village Drive. We are also careful with the length of the parade route. Long parades can be exhausting to some participants, especially walkers, so we try to keep the length to around two miles.

2018 ITLV Christmas Parade Route Wednesd
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