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It takes a Lincoln Village Neighborhood Group (ITLV) was created in August 2015 by residents of the community interested in improving the quality of life in the neighborhood. The City of Rancho Cordova Neighborhood Engagement Program  became an integral part of the group and serves as facilitator, builder, and activator. 

Through micro-grant funding from the City's Measure H Fund, ITLV residents have created community engagement events that have brought our residents together. These include the National Night Out, Trunk or Treat, Christmas Parade, and ITLV Neighborhood Walks. Residents have also benefited from several beautification programs. The City leaders have actively participated in many of these events and strongly support this community group. 

Our volunteers have also participated in tree planting projects initiated by the City of Rancho Cordova and other community activities. 

In addition, various City departments such as Code Enforcement, the Homeless Outreach Team, and the Planning Department, have provided informational sessions.

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