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Meeting notes from October 10, 2018

Laura Little facilitated, Linda Cancio took notes.

Melissa who lives on Redstone Drive attended for the first time to volunteer for Trunk or Treat.

Jim Garcia announced he is taking a class on media design using only a cell phone.  He will be taking videos of the group for a class project.

Trunk or Treat:

Laura has 18 cars so far.  Table helpers and parking lot coordinators are set.  Fayzah will collect the waivers from the cars.  Laura will be at the school starting at 5.  Bring flashlights.  Sue and Lorianne will shop for the prizes after the neighborhood walk.  Flyers will be sent home to students at both AM Winn and Abraham Lincoln schools.  Lorianne printed the waiver on the reverse of the flyer as suggested previously.  The microgrant application was signed by the members present.  

Lorianne reiterated that we need to talk to residents who attend Trunk or Treat to get feedback about the event, encourage them to help out with future events, and get ideas for new events.

Round Table:

Jim will email Stacy about the website.  He and Sue already have the ITLV banner and will bring it to Trunk or Treat.

Future speakers:  Laura contacted Ken Cooley's staff, also asked about having a car at Trunk or Treat.  She is awaiting a reply.  Fayzah will contact CRPD.  She will also contact the library about possibly doing a car at Trunk or Treat.

Upcoming Events:

October 20: Neighborhood walk at 9 AM, departing from AM Winn.  Sue distributed a map of the two-mile route.
October 26:  Trunk or Treat
November 1:  State of the City at City Hall 6:30-9 PM
November 3:  Lincoln Village tree planting
November 11:  VA Hospital Vets Day ceremony at 9:30 AM
November 25: Christmas tree lighting at Capital Village Park  from 4-8 PM
November 28 (week of):  Lorianne is planning a catered dinner for the neighborhood groups.
December 12:  Christmas parade (Tina from RCPD requests all police vehicles remain together during the parade)

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, October 24 at 6 PM at Mountain Mike's.  Michael Dack will draft the agenda and facilitate.  Fayzah will take notes.

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